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49.53 x 69.85 cm
19.50 x 28 in







Mixed media on intaglio print

Baroda, India

"For me, the place is something which remains for a longer time frame and the architecture of that  specific space has so many significant numbers of stories to delineate for, past about the creation of  it, the story of how we are identified with it, the way we relate to it and how our observations  changes with different places. The development of a place influences our life on an everyday basis to  which we adjust and change to our very own personal comforts.  

My work is about the creation of space. Through my works, I intend to represent a specific ordeal or  memory associated with that place, space, and at a specific time. Architectural structures and spaces  have intrigued me for quite a while. The reiteration of a solitary small structure, multiple times with different circumstances, the urgency of redundancy to create an expansive space and structure is  something that captivates me. Those repetitive patterns are my tools to create a specific space. I am  curious as to how the construction of the enormous space/structure may have begun and how it  changes as time passes drives me constantly about it. I am influenced and create those spaces where  I have been to or which have been a part of my life for quite a while and furthermore help me create  an imaginary space which I wish to be a part of in real life. My works are always devoid of direct  human presence, the explanation behind this, that space/place is there as a lasting permanent  structure and the human presence or the event that occurred due to the present is the thing that  one recalls while alluding to a specific space/place. I always had an interest in old houses and  architecture, the patterns that are utilized as a part of constructing them. These houses have  numerous stories appended to themselves. By painting /drawing these patterns of old houses it  resembles adding to their considerable list of stories. It is also a way through which I try to archive  the memory.  

I am a recent graduate from the Department of Graphic Arts (Printmaking) . Over the course of my  time in this institution, I have learned the traditional printmaking mediums like etching, engraving,  lithography and cyanotype. I would like to further explore alternative printing processes and  combine traditional processes with alternative ones. I also underwent training in woodblock printing  and natural dyeing processes in Jaipur as a part of my internship in the month of may 2018s, I would  like to learn and further master these techniques and incorporate these with my current art  practices."

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the ideal home III

Prints 54.61 x 54.61cm

375,00 €


Prints 22.86 x 34.29cm

437,50 €

Reflection of rain

Prints 22.86 x 33.02cm

250,00 €


Haryana, 227, South Point Mall

Driven by the need to empower young emerging artists, creating their future while deepening the art market at the same time, Art Incept believed in their ability to create great value by bringing diverse minds together, collaborating and creating a new energy and ecosystem for tomorrow – one that included artists, collectors, patrons, architects and the ga...

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VIII Elisa


67 x 100 cm

Paesaggio 2


32 x 45 cm

350,00 €