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Inganni Contemporanei 6



15 x 20 cm
5.91 x 8 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Medium: mixed on paper

1980 , Italy

Modica, Italy, 1980 The basis of Sasha Vinci’s research is based on the continuous experimentation with different artistic languages. Performance, sculpture, drawing, painting, writing and sound design are expressions that the artist uses to create works from which a free thought arises and questions the problems of existence. It is an art that crosses the intimate memory, to arrive at a plural vision and reveal the difficulties, the discomfort and the social contradictions of the contemporary world. Vinci uses her works as a weapon for reflection without neglecting a very personal aesthetic that defines her in each of her works. In 1999 she graduated in the Istituto Statale d’Arte “S. Fiume” of Comiso, in the specialty of Sculpture and Plastic Decoration. In 2005 she obtained the Diploma in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, also in the Sculpture section. In 2017 she was awarded the Sustainable Art Prize of the Foscari University of Venice.

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Milan, Piazza Caiazzo 3

aA29 Project Room takes its name from the small asteroid 2002 AA29 co-orbiting with the Earth and where nearby approaches every 95 years. They supposed that aA29 may have formed from the collision between Earth and Theia, the planet which, according to the giant impact theory, would have collided with the Earth and then giving rise to the Moon. aA29 is made...

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