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107 x 100 cm
42.13 x 39 in







Acrylic, oil on canvas

, Germany

The artist

The artist, who grew up in Swabia, has found her balance and center in painting and designing surfaces since her youth. For her, this forms the necessary antipole to the structured and also turbulent everyday life with all its demands, on time management, precision and concentration. Painting gives her the opportunity to enter a magical flow with herself and her surroundings that both relaxes and stimulates her.

Gengenbach in the Black Forest has been the artist's center of life since 2002. The active art scene and the wide range of cultural activities on offer reinforce her love of painting. Simultaneously with the Warhol Advent Calendar year, Sandra Lederer entered a new creative phase. She familiarized herself with different painting techniques, materials and color compositions. Acrylics, textures and oils dominate her works, sometimes as mixed or palette knife techniques, cell painting or pouring paint. In 2020/2021 she deepened her theoretical knowledge and practical application during an evening study at the Offenburg Art Academy.

Her own expressive spectrum was further advanced by the artist herself, many of her current artworks have not only an optical, but also a haptic dimensionality. In doing so, art has become a dear way of communication for her.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs (Selection):

The artist participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, including Germany and France.

The artist about his work:

"Colors. They allow me to give a space to my thoughts and fantasies. An opportunity to make my emotions, my moods and ideas visible, almost tangible. I want to take the viewer on my journey and at the same time invite him to begin his own journey into the world of colors.

It is very important to me, to touch you with my artwork, to give you the opportunity to draw new strength and escape from everyday life. Let my works affect you and give free rein to your imagination".

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Paintings 100 x 100cm

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Paintings 50 x 100cm

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love boat

Paintings 100 x 107cm

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Paintings 200 x 120cm

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Paintings 100 x 100cm

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Berlin, Friedrichstraße

The gallery was established in August 2012 founded by Rusa Makowski and is located in the heart of Berlin, at the Gendarmenmarkt, Friedrichstrassee. The gallery focuses on international and contemporary works of art, from the the fields of Painting, Graphic, Photography and Sculptures . The works, issued by Makowski Rusa, are partly from established artists,...

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75 x 100 cm

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120 x 100 x 5 cm

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61 x 80 cm

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