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Le caillou, 2021


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Dated Titled


16 x 22 cm
6.30 x 9 in








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Acrylic on canvas.

After Saint Jerome in the desert, Perugino. Inscription on the edge of the canvas: Y’a machin qu’est mort. Et qu’est mort de quoi ? De rien juste mort. Comme ca ! Ernest Jandl. 

About the Artists

1972 Saint-Omer, France

Born in 1972 in Saint-Omer (62)

"... all invention consists in making something out of nothing."

Racine, Preface to Berenice

Defying the image, I try to create the conditions of the sight: to remain half-open to hope (to risk) to glimpse the world. I work without premeditation, in the impulse of a walk, by collecting waste objects, by letting me cross by an encounter or a word... I remain in an economy, as much of the object, of the glance as of the gesture. The materials without value - medicines become substances to be drawn, rusty nails assembled in sculpture, a beam, ashes, a crate, a piece of puzzle - once reconsidered by and in the gesture, constitute the matrix of a plastic research pursuing the modesty of the forms to the detriment of the manifest. These always modest forms join sometimes the field of the installation, of the sculpture, when it does not act of photographs, videos or drawings. The gesture, resolutely, opens. Since 2012, I have been experimenting and exploring a daily drawing work, in a form of order addressed to myself: to make a drawing per day and publish it. These sheets are as many traces of what emerges or flees, of what happens or disappears, of what crosses us. They offer some fragments or sediments of a world which appears only in the suspended moment of a vision. Modest and discreet, the forms that I propose strive to reveal as many sensitive points, like the punctum evoked by Roland Barthes, this element that leaves the work "like an arrow, and comes to pierce me", envisaged again as "prick, small hole, small stain, small cut - and also blow of dice".

At the end of 2019, I initiated a new path of research, an opening to painting that I had long formulated for myself, returning to a practice that I had put aside during my third year at the School of Fine Arts in 1994 in favor of photography, video, volume and drawing.

I paint as I draw every day, in a form of acute attention doubled here by an essential slowness, vector of a sedimentation nourished by tensions, heave, telescopings, reminiscences, projections, unknowns. My first paintings are nourished by rustlings and ruminations of our contemporary world, in a sharing with the thought of authors and researchers working on notions in movement, recurring and yet in perpetual mutation: poverty, work, the fragility of the living, the migratory flows, impermanence... My work is also developed from an open relationship to language, political, poetic, equivocal. The graphy of the words let the forms of the drawing come in front of superimposed glacis, first step towards the geology of the painting.

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