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9100 EUR

After Party


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series Outside In



140 x 260 cm
55.12 x 102 in







Mixed media on canvas

Condition: excellent

Hand-signed by artist (front right)

Certificate of authenticity included

1999 , South Africa

Ryan - Tanaka - Shava is a 22 year old South African artist with Zimbabwean heritage, adopted and raised by a Polish mother (art curator) in East London, South Africa, the birthplace of Nelson Mandela. Growing up around art, Shava started painting at the age of 9 and as a child prodigy had his first show at the Ant Bryant Art Gallery that same year. He was a Sasol Limitless Art Competition finalist at just 18, the youngest in the history of the show.

As a 13 year old, he started studying at Bulgravia Arts Center, a well-known fine arts institution, which has Athi-Patra Ruga and Norman Catherine as alumni. He was the first person to graduate with a perfect score of 100.

His current work is best described as Neo-expressionist, influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat, however with strong ideas relating to contemporary South African life. His approach is one of reckless optimism. Seeing Shava paint feels like it’s all in the moment. However, he meticulously prepares his composition and subject matter, understanding color theory and the rules of fine art. “The art makes itself”, he says.

Cool kid that he is, you can see him painting graffiti and tagging poetry in Johannesburg, which he then adapts onto the surface of his work. Still today you can find him carrying markers around town, ready to create. Well known within the South African skate community, he worked with brands like Forgive Skateboards as resident artist and brand ambassador. 

Most notably, he exhibited - and sold out - at the Pretoria Museum of Arts, and finished a residency with Gallery Fanon in Johannesburg. 

Many international art collectors and aficionados buy his art in Johannesburg, and he sold out 5 shows in the USA through 1xRun in Detroit. His most recent focus is on creating a new body of work for a global audience interested in contemporary Southern African art.

“Art is the only thing that has been promised, still living.”

Ryan Shava

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Gallery Fanon is motivated by a belief that a gallery can be culturally and socially impactful. The gallery's goal is to promote exceptional artistic thinking and provide a community space in Joburg CBD for discourse and creativity. Working across all contemporary and traditional art forms, Gallery Fanon empowers the local Johannesburg art scene, while infor...

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Love Is In The Air


46.5 x 33.8 cm




30 x 30 x 2 cm

200,00 €