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Bacio, omaggio a Robert Doisneau

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1000 EUR

Bacio, omaggio a Robert Doisneau

From the series POP ART








60 x 40 cm
23.62 x 16 in


1000,00 €

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  • About the work

Acrylic on canvas.

Rubens Fogacci's art is a place where subject and object meet, metaphor and reality coexist, originality and tradition merge; an original path in continuous evolution that shows the characteristics of an intimate research with lyrical nuances. In the curved line, the echo of a sweetness sought and lost together, a nostalgic afflatus aware of the uniqueness of a poignant moment. He slips the brush between Fogacci's hands to originate refined forms consciously naive, as if to remind, as Wittgenstein claimed, that the most important aspects of things are often hidden due to their simplicity and familiarity, which are the things we see every day in hide the complexity and truth of life.

About the Artists

1979 Bologna, Italy

Rubens Fogacci was born in Bologna in 1979, starting his artistic career in the youth of 15 years. He immediately proved to be an interesting artist, winner of the first prize at the international comic competition held at the Baraccano Museum in the historic center of Bologna. From that moment Rubens will devote himself to the study of the human figure, for him an important starting point for all his artistic expression, which over time will re-elaborate transfiguring the aesthetic user into his own personal dream vision. After graduation, Rubens enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna where he studied not only painting and graphics, but also sculpture. Fogacci's subjects range from human figures to surrealist portraits of important historical and mythological characters, such as the famous Neptune or Giuseppe Garibaldi, but in recent years the figures are anticipating

nature lives and the scene of everyday life, even if the unmistakable characteristics of its creations, that is the marked lines and the bright and vibrant colors. The preferred techniques today remain oils and acrylics on canvas, not to mention the study and hope of new materials such as resins, bronze and clay. Many participations in Italian and international art fairs as well as publications in important catalogs and art editorials. The artist's prices are present in the Modern Art Catalog n. 48, 49, 50, 51 and 52 Mondadori editorial and auction houses. In 2016 one of his works was permanently included in the Winter Line Museum in Livergnano.

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