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Watching the flowers grow



50 x 100 cm
19.69 x 39 in




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pastel on paper

1964 , Netherlands


Ronald Versloot (1964) is known for integrating linoprints in his paintings, thus he plays with the conventions of painting in particular with the connection of the human figure (that is printed) and the painted background. In his drawings he also experiments with the surface of the image, puncturing the paper or burning holes in it. The images always have a certain suspense in them that is sometimes surreal. The viewer seems to witness the moment just before or after something strange or dangerous happens.
For Drawing Now 2020 Ronald Versloot will make a new suite of pasteldrawings.


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The Hague, Herderstraat 6

The gallery, established in 1991 in The Hague, focuses on art in which the personal involvement and engagement of the artist emerges. There is an emphasis on drawings with artists like Marcel van Eeden, Martin Assig, Robbie Cornelissen, Dirk Zoete and Henri Jacobs. Concepts and ideas are first conceived in drawings, the directness and informality make that t...

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