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“Tutta effigies XVII” (Retrato resguardado XVII) Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist Roger Sanguino. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
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“Tutta effigies XVII” (Retrato resguardado XVII)


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series Tutta effigies.



62 x 182 x 9 cm
24.41 x 72 x 3.54 in







“Tutta effigies XVII” (Retrato resguardado XVII).
Oil, acrylic and stainless steel / canvas / wood

1968 Maracay, Venezuela

The work that I have been developing in recent years is marked by a discourse that refers to the human being, the importance of the portrait and the expression of the body.

Regarding the formalization of the work, in the technical part lies what has been fundamental in the final construction of the work: The metal and its possibilities.

Through the use of rods and piano wires, and later bolts and nets, all these possibilities of steel gave rise to a dialogue between painting and sculpture, generating a bridge between both disciplines through conceptual and formal foundations.

With the body and the portrait as anchors (two themes that I am alternating and developing in parallel), I begin that crossroads where the use of mixed techniques determine the structure of my work, acting both inside the form and outside, through the chromatic values ​​and the incorporation of metallic elements.

Various lines appear on the plane and the volume; original stains and lines that give shape to the character, together with a framework that floats over it like a grid, giving rise to a metallic frame with which I refer to the urban or everyday landscape, a frame that in turn helps to organize structures, define limits and contents from a geometric vision where the void also participates.

In recent research, consolidated in the midst of the confinement at the beginning of last year, I have carried out a review on the subject of the portrait, based on observations and notes taken from the urban space that I transit.

In this series of portraits made in oil, I conclude its execution through the incorporation of a kind of geometry that dialogues with the character portrayed, generating two types of technical solutions coexist on the same surface: a painting, determined by the image previously made, and a three-dimensional drawing that floats on it, through the steel wires stretched and anchored on the surface. Later I introduce the steel nets, subordinating them on the portraits, generating a kind of camouflage or second skin.

With all this intervention carried out on the portraits, I begin to disrupt the concepts of identity, becoming altered, modified concepts, giving rise to new identities.

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Madrid, Calle Oca 23

DDR is an Art Gallery based in Madrid, Spain which represents Latin American artists. The represented artists are both established as well as new talents on the rise, always from quality criteria in any of its disciplines: painting, photography, sculpture, collage, illustration and urban art and NFT. Their motto: "If you're not on Google, you don't ex...

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