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Les Femmes de la Lune - Lune 1


From the series Les Femmes de la Lune - Black Lulu



27.5 x 34.5 x 4 cm
10.83 x 14 x 1.57 in







Shot in Zanzibar in 2006 while the models wore the sculpture, in 2019 the project evolved in the assembly of the iron over the photo. Sculptures are handmade by Vivide Mantero who lived in Zanzibar for seventeen years. Now she's based in Cascais (Lisbon, Portugal) where she continues shaping metals.

Modern Print + sculpture also available ed. 2/3 130 × 90 × 4 cm.

Roger Corona's vision draws inspiration from the classic canons of beauty. The Renaissance principles of rediscovering the individual, harmony and balance of proportions, measure and geometry of forms are found in these absolutely current works of the nineties. Classicism has a new voice in the dialogue between contemporary art photographers, careful to denounce the commodification of the female body or to deconstruct its forms.


Presented for the first time during Milano Gallery Weekend in 2019, Les Femmes de la Lune were exhibited at Fotofever Paris in November 2019.

1949 Marseille, France

Roger Corona was born in Marseille in 1949.

His adoptive city of Florence and his career as a supervisor with Fiat changed after an encounter with Giovanni Gastel in 1984 when he moved to Milan and began his profession as a freelance beauty photographer, working for Italian and international magazines and in advertising. He combines his advertorial work with a deep commitment to photographic research. Corona was a jury member of the Miss Italia beauty contest in 1995, 1996, and 1997.

From 1999 to 2001, between Milan and Paris, he worked for women’s magazines and advertising agencies. From 2002 to 2004, the Alpitour company entrusted him with the photographic restyling of its holiday resorts around the world. In this work, the beauty of the wild and primordial nature becomes the real protagonist.

In 2017, Roger Corona participated in the MIA Photo Fair, where he presented the monograph PATTERN GEOMETRICO edited by Maurizio Rebuzzini, in which nudes are a more intense portrayal of the body's forms and lines. In 2018, Corona participated in the MIA Photo Fair, where he presented the digital book "Corpo e Anima – L'arte nei dettagli" edited by Nicoletta Salvatori and published by Simonelli.

LES FEMMES DE LA LUNE, curated by Giuliana Scimé, a four-handed initiative with the sculptress Vivide Mantero, who works with iron. This is a union of photography and sculpture where an imaginary thread leads us back to the ancestral woman.

As a photographer, Roger Corona created campaigns that have become part of the collective imagination. These include the famous Fiorucci campaign (1995), a naked butt of a girl dressed only in pink plush handcuffs, or the A. Testoni campaign, winner of the International award in New York for best advertising of the year (1997). Corona has worked for Italian and international companies including Estée Lauder, L’Oréal Paris, Wella, Ferragamo, Gai Mattiolo, Alviero Martini, Rodo, Diego dalla Palma, Triumph, Lovable and Zepter International.

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Milan, Via Curtatone, 4

Established in 2015 and located in the fashionable Milan’s city center, Expowall Gallery is a fine-art gallery focused on the representation of contemporary Italian photographers who mostly worked on landscape and architectural photography. The aim of Expowall, founded by Pamela Campaner and Alberto Meomartini, is to present and promote the Italian contemp...

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136 x 200 cm




15 x 15 x 15 cm

1500,00 €