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11300 EUR



Dated Titled



160 x 160 cm
62.99 x 63 in







The use of the number 496 as a triangular number in mathematics and a relevant number in super string theory, it’s used in this painting as a symbol for unity. Meaning with this the correlation between the known and the unknown. The word ZEP TEPI connected by a like to the circled symbol of creation, depicts creation and origin. The cube represents the fractal formation of the universe and the composition of geometric reality. A couple of bird like figures connected to a dark spark representing ancient wisdom and knowledge. The triangular spherical cone represents the flow of energy. Right next to it a fractal symbol of a labyrinth ( used by ancient cultures ) which means the passing of time. The 11:11 symbol connected to 2 white dots representing synchronicity and balance. And in the upper left corner a baby ( Picasso style figure) being protected by a candle, representing the flow of life and art being the vehicle that transmits that emotion.


Graz, Joanneumring 6

The Graz art gallery Ursula Stross endeavors to sustainably promote its artists in order to guarantee its customers the value of their works of art. The gallery's focus is on making artists known through international trade fairs. Sales are always handled discreetly in the gallery in the center of Graz, as a trusting relationship with our collectors, sponsor...

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