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390 EUR

A world apart


Single piece Signed



50 x 50 x 5 cm
19.69 x 20 x 1.97 in







The painting "A world apart" made with acrylic paint on plexiglass

A sober, sparkling work full of life and good humor. An abstract painting is graphic, made of flat colors.

In her works, Rita Vandenherrewegen plays with the transparency of plexiglass and light.

This work is sold framed in a brown box.

1956 , Belgium

Rita Vandenherrewegen is a Belgian artist born in 1956.

A kindergarten teacher by training, she has always been attracted by painting and the magic of colors.

After her beginnings in oil painting, then in watercolor with a more figurative painting, she specialized in acrylic painting on plexiglass.

In love with colors, their marriages and their lights and the transparency of plexiglass, she lets herself be carried away by inspirations that are varied to say the least.

Rita is an artist of color and transparency.

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