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Nocturnal Being No 13 Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist Rick Rivet. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
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Nocturnal Being No 13


Single piece Dated Titled

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121.92 x 106.68 cm
48.00 x 42 in







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This series by Rick Rivet explores the Shamanistic conception of animals as guides to the other world. The sky-world, earth-world, and under-world are metaphysically interconnected through animal spirit guides. They are the conduit between the profane and the sacred, the physical world and the dream world. Certain animals, like the bear, raven, and fox are akin to the Jungian universal archetypes collapsing the dream-world and earth-world distinctions. The raven is an important trickster, powerful wanderer, and all-seeing guide.

1949 Aklavik, Canada

Richard James Rivet was born in the remote area of Aklavik in the Northwest Territories of Canada in 1949, though he has recently moved to Belleville, ON. His early years were spent growing up in the delta in a Metis family which made their living by trapping, hunting and fishing. Of Metis background, Rivet's Indigenous roots, and his experience in growing up in Canada's North, have been important factors in his development as an artist. Since 1989, Rivet has worked fulltime on his artwork, mainly concentrating in acrylic painting, mixed media and collage on canvas, with some drawing.

Influences in his artwork are varied and derive from Shamanistic imagery of ancient peoples the world over (North American Indian, Inuit, Australian Aborigine, Norse, Oceanic, Siberian). Equally influential are Western and contemporary influences from various artists and art movements (such as: Edvard Munch, German Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Antoni Tapies, and Paterson Ewen, to name a few). His work involves combining and re-interpreting the iconography of various Indigenous peoples in a contemporary perspective.

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