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From the series disegno spaziale


80 x 80 cm
31.50 x 32 in





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Acrylic on canvas cut and stitched

, United States

All his work stems from a personal need to no longer passively undergo the gesture. Fontana that has undeniably and inevitably ferried art into the third dimension, into the space around us with all the consequences of the case and apparently declared the end of painting and not only of it. From a profound need to change that state of affairs accrued to such an extent, that as soon as it came to know (Spatialist thought) he did not hesitate to investigate himself outside the canvas, immediately abandoning painting for years.

Then came the first idea, which dates back to 1993 was to exorcise that cut by means of suturing of the same, a trivial and seemingly denialist gesture but which in fact was not at all,at least not in his intention!

His intention has never been to deny the artistic dynamics or movements that have subsumed and which have, like everything if properly contextualized, a more or less significant value in the artistic context but simply to allow himself to re-manifest on the surface without feeling "outdated," old or useless to art with a capital A!

To the gallery owners of the time, his work always appeared as a provocation, as if he were doing the verse to Fontana, as the mustache to the Mona Lisa, and as such sterile, with no possibility of further development.

Today he has reclaimed the surface for himself and for those who will, his work wants to be the overcoming the Fontnian gesture, not a provocation it is something bigger, perhaps even than him... it legitimizes who in the 21st century wants to be on the surface, wants to give a real chance to those who wants to continue painting, to those who have never stopped doing it or those who would like to start doing it!

Of course, today his canvases are different from those simple single-cut initials stitched together, he has developed a style of his own, more playful, more defined. Today he draws thanks to cuts and stitching that have replaced pencils and charcoals, sometimes even transcending figuration, I am walking a reverse path, where after reclaiming the medium, he reclaims the material, the drawing, even the figure, the colours, always staying true to the original concept, to his belief, legitimizing the freedom to stay or return to the canvas without considering it nostalgia.

Reinforcing this thesis was also the last message that master A. Burri left us in Città di Castello, where we can see in the last small room of the splendid and huge anthological museum dedicated to him, some simple monochrome canvases colored with the colors primary before he left us! Here Ranieri Fornario really believe that if he, too, after a life outside the ordinary, outside the surface if we think of the huge cracks or cellotex, he felt the need to return to soiling canvases that maybe something needs to be done.

He claims the right, after going beyond that door, beyond that canvas and exploring other dimensions and spaces to go back, to be able to close it as he has always represented through his sutures, to close that door behind him to go beyond it if possible or at most to leave it ajar ... not to forget that the ways of art are always unpredictable.

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The world is constantly evolving, everything around us changes more or less rapidly but it changes. Change can be positive or negative, it can please us or not, but evolution is unstoppable. It sounds like a cliché but it is up to us to decide whether to ride these opportunities for change or be at the mercy of them. ...

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