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Strutture inconsapevoli


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



21 x 23.5 cm
8.27 x 9 in







Raffaele Santillo, Strutture inconsapevoli, 2016, oil on printed paper

1966 Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Ce), Italy

1966 born in S. Maria Capua Vetere, Caserta (IT). He lives and works in Pordenone (IT)

His pictorial practice develops from memory, from images and situations of the past. His works, innervated by a   synthetic and pregnant pictorial sign, are characterized by a barely hinted figuration and by the presence of a prevailing liquid colour, capable of showing/delineating unattended and mysterious situations, with atmospheres of particular emotional charge.

selected solo exhibitions:
2021, FRAGILE, nevertheless, curated by Stefano Monti, SMDOT/Contemporary Art, Udine (IT), 2018, Pitture in attesa, curated by Daniele Capra, Agenzia Generale 1832 di Generali Italia S.p.A., Pordenone (IT). 2016, Interferenze, curated by Michele Tajariol, Galleria Talenti, Portobuffolè, Treviso (IT), L’estate del davanzale, curated by Paola Bristot, Sala Espositiva Biblioteca Civica Pordenone, Pordenone (IT), Al fine lo spirito fa quello che vuole, curated by Associazione Culturale Prologo, Gorizia (IT). 2015, Consapevole deriva, curated by Alessandra Santin, Libreria Lovat, Villorba, Treviso (IT), Silenzioso, curated by Sandro Pellarin, Galleria PAB – Punto Arte Benandante, Portogruaro, Venezia (IT). 2014, Madre dell’Aurora, curated by Chiara Tavella, Centro Culturale Aldo Moro, Cordenons, (Pn), (IT), Dello scegliere e altri inganni, curated by Alessandra Santin, Associazione Culturale Ubik Art, Pordenone (IT).

selected group exhibitions: 
2018, American Beauty, curated by Stefano Reia, Galleria Comunale Arte Contemporanea, Monfalcone, Gorizia (IT), Fabula-Enigmi, curated by Giorgio Baldo e Stefano Cecchetto, Museo del Paesaggio, Torre di Mosto, Venezia (IT).2017, Shine On You Crazy Diamon, curated by Eva Comuzzi e Orietta Masin, Galleria Bertoni, Cervignano del Friuli, Udine (IT), L’abitudine di tornare, a cura di Eva Comuzzi, Palazzo D’Attimis, Maniago, Pordenone (IT). 2015 , Studio Visit Off, curated by Michele Tajariol, Pordenone (IT), 2014 , Orario Continuato, in collaboration with  Ubik Art, Pordenonelegge, Pordenone (IT)Humus Park 2014, Land Art international meeting curated by Gabriele Meneguzzi e Vincenzo Sponga, Polcenigo, Pordenone (IT).

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Udine, c/o KOBO Shop _ Via Palladio, 7

SMDOT/Contemporary Art is a Udine (IT) based contemporary art gallery (currently). It represents emerging and mid-career artists of all media and actively seeks new forms of creative expression. The artworks are generally content oriented, conceptually based, and – most importantly – reflective of our time....

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La dame sous la neige


81 x 100 x 2 cm

2000,00 €