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18 x 13 cm
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Drawings & Works on Paper

Blood on paper.

1910 , Italy

Pietro Annigoni (Milan, 7 Julay 1910 – Florence, 28 October 1988), was an artist born in Milan he is also known as  “The Queens Painter". From youngest age he was attracted from Leonardo da Vinci's drawings. In the nexts years he moved with his family in Florence where began to study in Fine Art Accadeny. He was a free spirt and he used to move from Milan to Florence frequently so he can link important collaborations with cultural icons of that time, as Giorgio Scilitan, Bueno brothers, the man of letters Enzo Simi, Mario Parri, the historic Carlo Francovich and the art historian Niccolò Rasmo, attending to a fervent cultural climate.

In 1936 in Milan takes places the personal exhibition that gives the way to his important career in the contemporary art whole world: in the nexts years Annigoni will create the Medici monastery cicle frescoes of Saint Mark. Artist with classical influences, he tries to mix modernity and tradition, daring to religions, portraits and engravings subjects. Using the old paintig techniques he builts a style contrary to new Modernism and Post-modernism style. The darks colors made his artworks full of Pathos and melancholy.

From 1949 Annigoni expose succesfully abroad particullary in London, in 1955 he mades “Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II”. Besides the artworkes commetted from the Queen he also mades portrates of Duke of Edimburgh, Margot Fonteyn, John Fitzgerlad Kennedy and Pope Giovanni XXIII. His artistic career is full of successes all around the planet. In the last years of his life he sourranded himself of talented pupils to whome he will teach all his passion and knowledge. He died in October 28 1988 in Florence. 

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Teramo, Viale Francesco Crucioli, 140

Natale 1983. A Palma di Maiorca si spegne all’età di 90 anni il genio di Joan Mirò, lasciando un segno profondissimo nella sua epoca, un tratto inconfondibile che attraversa idealmente il mare e le terre emerse, per venire a farsi dedica a Teramo, dove un appassionato cultore dell’arte apre una galleria, che intitola, in segno di omaggio, proprio al gr...

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90 x 120 cm

1500,00 €