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Childhood memories




160 x 120 cm
63 x 47.24 in







This artwork is exclusive to IdeelArt.

German artist Petra Schott uses colour, lines, and shapes to express her everyday emotions on canvas. During her creative process, she takes events and conversations from her life and processes them to turn them into visual art.

Schott is inspired by nature and the human figure, but also by music and scents. Although she tries not to follow her impulses too much, she thinks it is important to get her intuition flowing.

Schott mainly works with egg tempera and pigments or oil on canvas. Playing with shapes, events, colours and conversations, Schott's work is guided by an inner dialogue that becomes a visual reality on the canvas.

Through her work, Schott encourages the viewer to look inward and contemplate questions of the soul.

, Germany

Petra Schott is a German contemporary artist whose recent works oscillate between subtle figuration and lyrical abstraction. When she was 15 years old, she wanted to become a yogini in the Himalayas. However, life had different plans. After studying law in Göttingen, she turned to fine art, studying in Kassel. For almost three decades, Schott has exhibited her work both domestically and internationally. She has been living in Frankfurt since mid-2015.

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