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535 EUR

Blicke 1


Single piece Signed Dated



33 x 40 x 4.5 cm
12.99 x 16 x 1.77 in







Hand-signed by artist

Haunting are the unveiled gazes that look back at us from this wall. The figures of the series "Blicke 1-4, 2015 / Glances 1-4" seem to be involved in a conversation, but not with each other - rather introverted, with themselves.

1965 , Germany

"Growing up in the country, I soon began to observe and paint: the peculiar landscape of the Lüneburg Heath, people, animals and architecture. The forests impressed me the most. The changing light, the structures, the unfathomable.

I have kept nature as the central motif in my painting, but it is now more artificial, more geometric or architectural. The conceptual pair of opposites “Romantic Constructivism” is a tension in which I can switch from one extreme painting to another. From cold geometric forms that remind me of the fields at home, to free compositions that fill the painting almost chaotically as a sign of disorder, and again to the narrowness of the city and the crowd."

Peter Lindenberg



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