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20 x 58 cm
8 x 22.83 in







Watercolor, ink on paper

From the project Louis Vuitton Travel Book Prague.

1966 Moscow, Russian Federation

Pavel Pepperstein (b. 1966 in Moscow) is one of the most striking artists in contemporary Russian art. As early as in the late 1980s. when contemporary art in Russia first appeared and spread like an avalanche in the wake of perestroika, the “Inspection Medical Hermeneutics” group founded by Pepperstein (with Yuri Leiderman and Sergey Anufriev) proved to be a phenomenon of a fundamentally new stage of development in “Moscow Romantic Conceptualism”. Today, when much that comprised and pulsated through the living fabric of modern art in the late 20th century has ceased to exist, the impulse behind “Medical Hermeneutics” has sufficed for Pavel Pepperstein’s “psychedelic realsim” to continue its progressive development. Each of Pepperstein’s new projects, be it his graphics, installations or paintings, inherits the principles of a new poetic synthesis between the visual and verbal he devised more than a quarter-century ago. Works of Pavel Pepperstein can be found in the Tretyakov State gallery in Moscow, Russian State Museum in St Petersburg, the Centre George Pompidou in Paris, Albertina Museum in Vienna. In 2017 works of Pepperstein were displayed at the show Kollektsia! at the Centre Georges Pompidou.

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Moscow, Address 7-5 Malaya Polyanka

Established in 2011 in Moscow, Galerie Iragui is committed to bringing attention to contemporary Russian art. The gallery contributes to the participation of Russian artists in international projects and their integration into the global art context. Galerie Iragui works with cultural institutions all around the world (France, Great Britain, Italy, Argentina...

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Gedankensplitter VI


80 x 80 cm

2400,00 €