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One Hundred Twenty




28 x 35.5 cm
11.02 x 14 in




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A unique work on paper by Paul Kostabi, with childlike features, as is typical of his art.

A figure is running in a playground, with the number 120 in red at the bottom.

The work was exhibited at the Saletta d'Arte Viviani in 2007 and is published in the catalogue.

The work is signed in pencil in the bottom right-hand corner.

1962 Whittier, CA, United States

Paul Kostabi (Paul Indrek Kostabi) was born in 1962 in Whittier, California. He is an American artist, musician, music producer and audio engineer. He is the brother of artist Mark Kostabi. He became part of the CBGB Festival in 2014 exhibiting paintings alongside photographers Bob Gruen, Michael Lavine and Chris Stein. He also painted live in Times Square while Devo and Jane's Addiction performed. Paul Kostabi collaborated with Dee Dee Ramone on many paintings, a fanzine called Taking Dope, and illustrated the cover of Chelsea Horror Hotel penned by Dee Dee Ramone. Paul  worked with graffiti artist LAII (Angel Ortiz) where a few of their collaborations were sold at auction and to private collectors. 

His works are best known for being psychedelically intense with faces gleaming outward from the canvas designed with outbursts of color and unique depictions. His abstractions leans toward that of Julian Schnabel, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Giles Lyon. Paul is noted for having a very laid back persona; he can be happy to paint on a museum quality canvas, or just some piece of card board found in a dumpster. His spirit guides him, and this is what stands out the most while viewing his work: that free spirited effort that is felt between each brush stroke; that sudden out burst of paint splattering like a splash from a Jackson Pollock painting, or the cartoonish depictions he will execute with attention and detail. His work bridges childish careless expressionism with a fierce determined abstract passion for painting, creating an impressive body of landscapes, still lives, and iconic self portraits. 

Paul Kostabi paintings are present in permanent collections of: Paterson Museum, New Jersey, Guggenheim Museum, New York, New England Museum of Art Brooklyn, Connecticut Millennium Museum, Whitney Museum of Art, Video, Paper Tiger Sessions, Museion Museum, Bozen, Italy.

Paul Kostabi paintings are present in permanent collections of:

  • Paterson Museum, New Jersey
  • Guggenheim Museum, New York
  • New England Museum of Art, Brooklyn, Connecticut
  • Millennium Museum
  • Whitney Museum of Art, Video, Paper Tiger Sessions
  • Museion Museum, Bolzano, Italy

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