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5700 EUR

QBB #3


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series Site Translations



81.28 x 121.92 x 7 cm
32.00 x 48 x 2.76 in







Oil on canvas (2014).

Certificate of authenticity included.


About the series 

Site Translations Statement

“How can experience, bound by time, be located? How can image-making become a means for layering physical, emotional, and mental conceptions of space? By employing rigorous means of visually dissecting and translating photographic artifacts of my experiences of specific sites in a number of international cities (including New York, Rome, and Istanbul), I was attempting, through the creation of images, to dissolve the (linguistically determined) dichotomies between external and internal, organic and geometric, presentness and memory, thought and feeling.” - Paul Fabozzi

1965 , United States

Paul Fabozzi is a visual artist based in New York, USA. His paintings and works on paper have been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome, London, Busan and beyond. His work is included in numerous private and public collections, including the Weatherspoon Art Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, Neuberger Museum of Art, Frost Museum of Art, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art and New York Public Library. Awards include a fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Café Royal Cultural Foundation. Fabozzi edited an anthology of writings on contemporary art - titled "Artists, Critics, Context: Readings in and around American art since 1945" published by Prentice-Hall - and is currently Professor of Fine Arts at St. John's University in New York City.

Artist Statement

"How can painting and drawing evoke the physical sensations and conceptual associations one has while navigating architectural spaces that can’t be reduced to its purely visual elements? By suspending a temporal experience within a static image, my paintings and drawings offer an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which bodily experience is overlaid at every turn with informational and mental pulsations. My overarching goal is to make images that remind us of our deep need to actively establish visual, tactile, and reflective connections to our physical world." - Paul Fabozzi

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