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Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Single piece Signed Titled



136 x 126 x 0.1 cm
53.54 x 50 x 0.04 in




Drawings & Works on Paper



'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' by Scottish artist Patsy McArthur who explores the grace and power of human movement in her naturalistic drawings and paintings. Her latest works, including small ink studies, charcoal and graphite drawings, and large oil paintings, convey a palpable sense of strength and athleticism, while also evoking a transcendent quality in the depiction of the human form in various states of suspension, from leaping and soaring, to flying and falling. Above all, a feeling of freedom is carried throughout. 

1976 Glasgow, United Kingdom

Scottish artist, Patsy McArthur explores the graceful and powerful movement of people in her rich under water painted scenes. Her latest works, from very small ink studies to large oil paintings, convey a palpable sense of strength, freedom and suspension.

She studied painting in Aberdeen in the north east of Scotland at the Gray's School of Art, where she received her BA(Hons) Fine Art. She was awarded the Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Scholarship - travel scholarship to study in Florence.  In 2001, McArthur successfully completed her Masters degree, MA European Fine Art from the Winchester School of Art in Barcelona.

She is a well traveled artists and has lived and worked in Australia, Spain, China, Berlin and New York and is currently based in Brighton, UK.

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Paintings 112 x 70 x 5cm

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Paintings 120 x 100 x 5cm

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Drawings & Works on Paper 115 x 90 x 0.1cm

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New York, 151 1st Avenue, Suite 213

DECORAZON is an international contemporary art gallery with current presence in New York City, London, and Dallas. Our mission is to present professional emerging and mid-career talent to a new or experienced collector, with a selective and innovative program. DECORAZONgallery was founded in 2004, in Dallas’ historic Bishop Arts District, as a creative ...

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27.94 x 35.56 x 0.1 cm

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