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70 x 60 cm
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Archival pigment print. "Wetterseite. They are at the roadside or alone on fields. Barns belong to the visual everyday life in Switzerland. As functional buildings for the storage of harvest or agricultural equipment, they refer to an original economy, which has understood the soil not as a building, but as a fruit area. The unrestrained urbanization of Switzerland has therefore given the barns the ambiguous dignity of the upright losers. In any case, they are usually low-rise buildings as an economic building, yet with their simple and typical forms they have shaped the landscape and thus the self-image of Switzerland. Patrik Fuchs portrays the barns in winter in diffuse and cold light, as archaic appearances of mute easement. On one of those foggy days when the world becomes acoustically and visually so calm. Dissolves. A vastness arises, which is atypical for this country. The pictures show the barns as solitary, drawn, closed and proud, but at the same time they seem lonely and of almost shameful fragility." Fabian Scherrer, Berlin

1973 , Switzerland

Patrik Fuchs (* 1973), who grew up in Toggenburg, lives in Zurich since 1996, works first as a freelance photo assistant, later as a production assistant and location scout. Two years he drives with an old "Ford Transit" through Europe. He opens his photo studio in Zurich's industrial district in 2008. Son Hannes Ernst is born in 2009. Fuchs is a photographic collector. Fascinated by the visual common property of our worlds of life, by the trust in the familiar. He feels the everyday, at home in Switzerland or on long trips across the continent. In the "ordinary" Fuchs searches for the typical, the aesthetic peculiarities, the beauty and the breaks. He meets the supposedly banal without prejudice; benevolent but incorruptible and direct. He works with the relationship of figure and function, of space and atmosphere, without being irritated by the supposed modesty of his objects. This equal and appropriate view allows a closeness that sometimes increases Fuchs to intimacy. His view of things is still calm and inviting, captivating the photographic precision. Mindfully he releases remainders of meaning and relationship. His finds are not displayed, but interpreted attentively. His works open, without merely asking. The view penetrates the surface. Fox plays with the auratic, the touch of memory and hunch; presents his motives with that almost cool composure, which also uses allegory or still life. His recordings are serious but with a fine sense for the playful, the weird. He is not a purist but a lover of the simple and the invisible.

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Baden, Bruggerstrasse 37 Merker-Areal

Galerie 94 is an art gallery with a focus on contemporary and classical photography, presenting national and international artists. It is located on the upper floor of the former freight forwarding building of the Merker-Areal in the center of Baden. The founder of Galerie 94, Sascha Laue, was in charge of Photogalerie 94 in Ennetbaden from 1994 to 2004, ...

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Paris Montmartre


50 x 75 cm

1750,00 €

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110 x 220 cm


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130 x 130 cm