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From the series COMPRESIONI






Paintings , Drawings & Works on Paper


180 x 230 cm
70.87 x 91 in


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  • About the work

Mixed media on waxed paper, silk-screened and waxed canvas. 

Corrado constructs and deconstructs photographic images, symbols, colors and typography from the worlds of fashion, cinema cartoons, computers, nature and music - creating a fresh visual landscape. His assemblages are at once subliminal and explosive, bound to delight. These large scale works are precise and paradoxical, like Robert Rauschenberg’s neo-Dadaist, “Silkscreen Paintings.” His work features subtle - almost hidden - iconic portraits of Grace Kelly, Kate Moss, and David Bowie.

The works are poetic - with overtones of Botticelli and Michelangelo - while graphic and conceptual - reminiscent of Warhol. Corrado offers an entirely new form of 3-Dimensional Painting, which he calls “Compressioni” His unique juxtaposition of images is marked by consistent amplitude modulations, creating a symphony of color and texture. He compels the viewer with freshly futuristic landscapes of image and form. Corrado’s works are an interplay of subject and sequence, creating a new genre of pop icon: recognizable, embraceable and completely alluring.

About the Artists

1971 Bergamo, United States

The artist and designer Patrick Corrado was born in 1971 and studied at the Fantoni Academy of the fine arts, where he began experimenting to elaborate his research focused on the fragmentation of photographic images. The artist begins to give  shape to this art form with works executed on behalf of Alessi, having realized in 2007 the manifest for the workshop in Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm. Subsequently, various other initiatives and exhibitions were undertaken, including the realization of the works under the cure of Andrea Bressan “Moét à la Modé” for Moét&Chàndon and the work “Coverart” for the Principe di Savoia of Milano Hotel. Also in 2007, the artist is selected for his collection “Parallel Worlds”  cured by Venezia Contemporanea, exposing at the international contemporary arts exhibition  52 Biennale of Venice.

In 2009, under the promotion of the department of Culture, the artist obtains a personal exhibition in his city of origin Bergamo, titled “Caos Ordinato”. In 2008, the work “The New City” is executed and is permanently present in Washington, Milano and Mumbai, in the offices of G&A, a renowned international management consulting firm. Patrick becomes the main protagonist of the exhibition cured by Nicola Scaglione “Portali” of Bergamo, thanks to which the artist is featured in a dedicated article in the September 2009 edition of “Arte”, a leading international magazine, for his work  “Metamorfosi2”, and his collection “Flower” is exposed at the Hotel Lumen of Paris. His works are part of the selection to the Ferrari Art Gallery in Vevey, Switzerland, while "Paris Match" and "ST No. 01" are selected by the curators Kim Knoppers (Foam International Museum of Amsterdam) and Roobina Karode (Director Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi, India) in the initiative "100 Days for 100 Curators" by the Saatchi Gallery in London.

"Patrick Corrado's composition is not a clone of Pop Art. Nor is it a revival of what has already been seen, argued, and studied. For the Bergamo-based artist and designer, relaunching/reimagining everything "Pop" (as in "popular") from scratch means, first and foremost, decomposing and deconstructing photographic images, symbols, colors and writings that used to display their "glamorous", fashionable, cinematographic, cartoonist, and musical superficiality; and thus he reinvents everything with the help of the computer and translates it into a visual language that de- and re-constructs every single image to the point of rendering it unedited, subliminal, impactful and, in certain cases (such as "Fashion Object", "Rebel, and "Dutch"), bound to explode, to self-destruct until it becomes "dripping" or abstract art. Patrick Corrado defines these spectacular stories as "Metamorphoses of Appearance" that, on a large scale, are told with great precision. Enigmatic like certain collages by Jirí Kolár, immersive like Robert Rauschenberg's neo-Dadaist "Silkscreen Paintings", they feature the iconic portraits of Grace Kelly, Kate Moss, and David Bowie overlapping or blending together in a poetic breath reminiscent of floral bouquets. Elsewhere, the faces come to converse with Botticellian creatures or with Michelangelo's David, enough to trigger the "morphing" effect. And yet, the nostalgic suggestion of "Memories" and the graphic and conceptual aggressions of "Women & Cars" refer to the sociopolitical Figuration Narrative of the '60s and '70s. Lastly, with the "Compressions", the artist ends up denying the very essence of Pop Art. To do so, after selecting several of his works, he puts them side by side and compresses them, creating impenetrable spaces and crevices. In this way, Art accomplishes none other than the reinterpretation of itself." Stefano Bianchi

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