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3200 EUR

Les Trois Grâces





97 x 130 cm
38.19 x 51 in







Oil on canvas

, United States

Pascale Bosc is a visual artist. She holds a master's degree in International Plastic Arts.

Her multidisciplinary practice, essentially centered on painting, is also deployed in the fields of drawing, photography, video and performance. Images are at the heart of her work.

She is interested in the consequences of their now excessive, accelerated and disorderly proliferation on our relationship to the world and our ways of thinking.

The artist draws her inspiration from a library of images that are both personal and gleaned from flea markets or on the internet, both banal and linked to the history of art.

Intuitively and experimentally, she combines them, and seeks correspondences aimed at creating a tension between the present elements deprived of their initial context in order to awaken to a more singular reality.

In these neo-surrealist distortions and confrontations of distanced fragments of reality, both in their form and in their temporality, the artist transports us to an elsewhere where the question of confusion and an often enigmatic strangeness is played out.

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Paris, 95 Rue de Ménilmontant, 75020 Paris, France

Because many techniques and skills, isolated by their diversity and economic circumstances, are at risk of disappearing. Because traditional outlets are no longer providers of rare and private luxury. Because we wished to support these traditions of the remarkable and protect the deep values that contribute to making true luxury genuinely rare and exceptio...

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