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40 x 150 x 40 cm
15.75 x 59 x 15.75 in

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Variable measures. Medium: wood of iroko, iron , linen and cement.

About the Artist

1982 , Spain

In Pablo Capitán del Río’s work, precariousness shows not only in the use of the materials –generally in the realm of povera-, but also in the work seen as a composition always about to fall apart. His works – both his interventions around the recovery of natural processes and his more conceptual installations and sculptures – always present an imbalance that produces in the spectator the perception that everything might change any time. Works that move, that initiate processes, that unsettle the spectator’s gaze, but that above all transform their relation to the space and the surroundings. The constant decision making as to how to face the work, how to look at it, how to take a distance from it so as not to be touched by it or not to destroy it, also implies a sort of “care” in the perception, a sense that what is being looked at has not always been that way and of course will not remain in that state in the time to come, thereby transmitting a sort of urgency to see and feel.

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Murcia, Gutiérrez Mellado, 9

Art Nueve´s program and philosophy revolve around the concept of art as a reflection on the core problems of the subject in question, working on these through a visual poetry that combines power and subtlely . With objective to showcase current artistic trends. The artists with whom we work share this notion of art, of doing, of thinking, which together wit...

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