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108 x 108 cm
42.52 x 43 in


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  • About the work
Oil, graphite, silver leaf, silverpoint on linen. This is part of the "unfolding" series. The center represents the complete cube, with one of it's square facets touching a fixed 2D plane. Each subsequent step (moving outward from the center) unfolds the cube in such a way that one additional square is now touching the plane. The silver shapes on the perimeter represent the completely unfolded cubes including several that are mirror images. For each step the color of the central dot denotes the shape created by the squares that are touching the plane. The ones that are triangles have a corresponding mirror image shape represented by a triangle pointing in the other direction. The color of the inner circle represents the number of folds a given shape is from the center. And the color of the outer circle represents the way that the facets of the cube are connected to each other regardless of whether they are laying flat on the plane. NOTE there are a lot of notebook pages that go along with this and which need to be photographed.

About the Artist

1982 , United States

(American, b. 1982, Stevens Point, Wisconsin) lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. Owen Schuh draws his inspiration from mathematical rules, algorithms and complex organic systems. In particular, he is fascinated by simple sets of well-defined rules that generate unexpectedly intricate and nuanced structures. His work is painstakingly created by hand, usi...

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New York, 135 waverly place (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

SILAS VON MORISSE GALLERY (formerly ART 3 gallery) is a dynamic contemporary art gallery established in February 2014 by Silas von Morisse formerly of Haunch of Venison (Christie's NY). The international program at SILAS VON MORISSE gallery is multidisciplinary, conceptual and process oriented, showcasing established, mid-career and emerging artists. The ga...

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