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Acariciando el Viento


Single piece Signed



24 x 32 x 18 cm
9.45 x 13 x 7.09 in








Hand signed by artist

COA included

1964 , Chile

Oscar Barra was born on September 19, 1964 in Santiago, Chile. He studied Art at the University of Concepción between 1986 and 1991. His work has been exhibited both in national and international galleries, individually and collectively, making a name for himself both in the country and abroad.
His work reflects the constant work with a tool that is fundamental for an artist and that is in danger of extinction; imagination “Having imagination is not inconsequential. Imagination is decisive for any manifestation of our life ”
Moved by an alchemist's restlessness, Óscar Barra has been establishing the bases for what he calls“ a new universe ”, a dimension where drawing and painting are vehicles that constantly travel through the cosmos of its author. It seems as if his work is an invitation to board an extravagant spaceship, a kind of intergalactic replica of the Yellow Submarine, and thus look through the windows at fascinating mutant creations that, without the help of the author, would be exiled in the ineffable.
More than a bestiary, he believes that what he has created is an imaginary, a new universe of impossible beings, artifacts and machines. It is a reality with its own logic and full of characters without identity and without direction; an unknown place with ambiguous characteristics regarding the laws that govern it. This is due to the "physics" of the plastic arts, of art in its purest and oldest essence: the search for beauty. What you call "bestiary" would be contained in this vast and inexhaustible world.
"His work develops between the figurative and the fantastic, creating new allegorical realities using elements such as toys, ladders, wheels, carts with artifacts and machines. Barra's figuration is characterized by a specific drawing and by the use of volume as a resource to give Body to his characters, which he inserts in landscapes without perspective ".

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