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True love (Mannequin Lamp) Discover the best available selection of sculptures by the artist Oliver Schibli. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
4270 EUR

True love (Mannequin Lamp)


4270,00 €


50 x 120 cm
19.69 x 47 in







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, Switzerland

He is a multidisciplinary artist that began to experiment with all kinds of Art in his early years at school. During this time and until 2012 he never showed his work to the public. After his early experiments in painting and art he decided to do a 4 years apprenticeship as a sign maker and went to the visual school of art in Bern, Switzerland. There he learned all the different techniques from calligraphy, writing with feathers, working with gold leaf, the color gauge, screen printing and all the other important aspects of creating. It was essential to learn the basics of the different materials, techniques and possibilities. Always with a normal job in the office during the day, he worked in the evenings and during every free minute and got more and more sure which direction he wanted to go. He was then sure that he wanted to become an artist. With this goal in mind, he made the life changing decision in March 2014 to become a full time artist. This has given him the opportunity to find his unique style. In the year 2014 he left Switzerland to work in Asia away from every deflection in Zurich and had his own Art Gallery/Studio in Thailand during this time. He worked almost fifteen hours every day on his technique and ideas and experimented a lot. He also started to produce different accessories and upcycling Furniture with his art on it and created his own Art brand. 

After his time in Asia and lots of hours of experimenting and having learnt a lot about the production process he decided to go back to Switzerland and take his art career to another level. After his return to Switzerland, he had 5 successful Exhibitions in Zurich in 2015 and 2016. And then came the first big moment in his Artist Life, he won the International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai during Art Dubai in 2016. His winning Painting was presented to thousands of people during this time and this experience gave him the trust in himself to work even harder for his dream. Early 2017 he had his first Gallery Exhibition in Zurich and in June 2017 he was invited from the American Luxury Hotel Group Pullman Hotels & Resorts to their new launched global Art initiative "Artist Playground by Pullman". Invited to Thailand to the Flagship Hotel from South East Asia he worked 4 weeks in the Hotel and created his Solo Show Faces of Siam. 2018 Gallery Exhibiton Group Show at art333 Gallery in Switzerland. 2019 New Studio Art Loft in Niederrohrdorf Switzerland. 200 m² of Art, Furniture and Art Accesories only 25 minutes from Zurich Airport on the beautiful Countryside. Most recent exploration of the potential to free painterly practise from the control of consciousness. Royal Abstract series exhibited in Los Angeles, Switzerland, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 2020 different Exhibitions in Los Angeles, Switzerland, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

In this difficult year, Oliver decided to bring his art to an incredible new and deep Level with an apprenticeship as Derase Mental Coach. He completed in November at the Derase Academy with a certificate and this mental technique makes his art even more deep and unique. With a focus on mental health, emotions and the processing of it. 

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Zurich, -

Kirsten Keagli Consulting cultivates a difference in art, supporting contemporary artists and being heavily involved in the selection of all types of contemporary and current abstract art. Its aim is to support contemporary art on an international scale. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Kirsten Keagli Consulting is dedicated to building a team of profession...

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