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8000 EUR
4.2 5 20



Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



260 x 130 x 4 cm
102 x 51.18 x 1.57 in







From Triptych «Sleeping» 2021- 2023
390х260 сm
Oil, canvas, mixed media

The work was presented at the solo show of Oleksii Shcherbak at Test Gallery Barcelona in 2023.

“I am presenting a kind of utopian episode from my universe, where my characters allow themselves to close their eyes at will, to go deep inside themselves in search of answers, for self-defense, so as not to see the surrounding horrors, those that negatively affect them or destroy them completely. Which sometimes I, as a person, cannot afford to do. In certain situations, our closed eyes are tantamount to a crime. But at least somewhere someone can afford it.” Oleksii Shcherbak.

“The works that are on display are an investigation of the artist's personal emotions and their irritating, occasionally destructive factors, or an effort to draw them out of the unconscious through artistic representations. A symbolic, perhaps artificial attempt at escapism.

Closing your eyes can also be a response to an instinctive reflex that is perceived as the body's defensive reaction to pain. For example, if you receive a blow or experience severe discomfort, the brain can send a signal to our facial muscles to increase the distance between our eyes and the potential source of pain, which helps protect our eyes from possible injury. Hence, closing the eyes can be a conscious or unconscious reaction to pain, aiding in focusing on sensations and safeguarding the eyes from potential harm. In the framework of artistic works, it helps safeguard one's mental health,” says Test Gallery co-founder and curator Kateryna Pidhayna.

, Ukraine

Oleksii Shcherbak is a young Ukrainian artist, who has just recently graduated from NAOMA.

His works are mostly about details, layered graphics with classic American comic book techniques, but with a vintage Victorian touch.

Drawing for Oleksii is a language that he recreates, regulates, and learns by himself from childhood.  And he writes his stories in this language: "I do not like to say what is shown at work.  It's like quickly retelling a book.  It is much more interesting to listen to the audience".

Oleksii lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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