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73 x 92 cm
28.74 x 36 in







Tempera on canvas

1958 , France

Odile Chalmin was born in the centre of France on 28 October 1958. She has always been attracted to Italy and has often stayed there.

For 25 years, she learned art books binding from a Marseillais master. That’s how she approached the world of art. Since 2011, his artistic impulse has been towards painting. This new artistic activity has revealed itself as an obvious, freer means of expression.

Today, she plays with the Materials that allow her to structure paintings (leather, paper, plants), with paintings (acrylic, tempera, pastel, watercolour, ink) to give life to the interior images that inhabit her.

Her work as a painter since 2011 began with marouflage, using pastel and watercolor, then she dared to introduce acrylic. Her technique is sensual because she does not hesitate to leave brushes and knives and to work directly with her hands: gently… by pressing more strongly where necessary… by stretching the oil paint or concentrating it.

As we know the creation is intimate.It is unique and personal. Differente for everyone. But for each one, it is a vital energy, a real food to face existence and Life. Odile’s method of creation is therefore a journey not only in terms of techniques but also in the mastery of colours and shapes.

Always at the limit of abstract and figurative! The source of the images she gives us is always the same: mental images that happen to her during periods of difficult sleep. This form of expression, which may be akin to rough art, she did not choose it: she imposed herself on her. To extract and abstract the image of the real, to give birth to representations freely stimulating the imagination. She has exhibited in Paris, Marseille , Eyguières ( permanent artist), Bologna.

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Bologna, Galleria Falcone e Borsellino 2 D

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