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No Farewell Only Endless Goodbye - Zeppelin

About No Farewell Only Endless Goodbye - Zeppelin

Limited edition of 7.
The world of humans is departing. Our cities, our culture, our achievements are disembarking - by land - by sea - by air. Society is is on the move, fragments growing apart. The destination is unknown, a secret. Perhaps we will one day reunite, or maybe we have already reached our goal. In an era of cheap and accessible movement of people and things, mass air transit, mega-shipping and global positioning systems, we shed the restraint of parallels and meridians. Space is collapsing - time is shortening - distances diminishing. Places that used to be far, far away are suddenly close at hand, the world itself is getting small enough to show its glorious diversity.
The technical skills through which Barbara achieves her result provide a primary role to the editing phase instead of the shooting itself.
On the other hand, the picture cannot be properly defined artificial; far from being the result of a digital technique, it is the propaedeutic condition that opens up to the possibility of digital intervention.

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