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Single piece Signed Dated Titled



130 x 150 cm
51.18 x 59 in







1966 Henan, China

Niu Kai lived through a time when religion and any other form free expression was forbidden in China. He was born in the same year as the launch of the Cultural Revolution leaving a profound impact in all levels of society, still felt to this day. 

Despite all the past restrictions, however, religion never left the Chinese way of life. The three pillars of the Chinese culture are still, Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism. On all these basic Chinese beliefs there is one central element; the admiration and cultivation of Mother Nature. The history of modern Chinese art is one ensemble of various ideologies that are mixed into a society that has never experienced free expression for the past 5000 years. This is still the case in China. Sadly, modern art often played as an instrument to propagate the ideology from the Regime.

Niu Kai began his career as an artist by focusing on the traditional form of ancient chinese art, known as Shan Shui - translating to mountains and rivers. This brought the young Niu Kai to search for areas in China where this theme could be found, often in the most remote and pristine areas. As Niu Kai matured, he noticed that something was happening with the mountains and rivers in China, as pollution gradually struck the countryside and made what was once a symbol of the Chinese stunning landscape transform into an environmental disaster as a consequence of the so called economic progress. For decades, the pollution in China was an issue that was hardly allowed to be mentioned, taking the courage of numerous artists to expose this natural man made catastrophe.


Eventually, Niu Kai felt compelled to look for new ways to express his passion for nature and also his sincere concern to this dire phenomenon that affected the lives of all his countryman. He eventually embraced the abstract forms and the oil on canvas as he reluctantly let go of the traditional water colours and Shan Shui that he studied from his very early age. In his words; "To let go my dear old companions; my brush and water colours was a painful decision for me, like to divorce with a loyal and beautiful wife after co existing happily for so many years."

Niu Kai now embraces the abstract form whilst maintaining his central theme, nature, displaying a variety of exquisite shapes and forms. These various forms showcase how one can appreciate the numerous representations of nature ingrained in the fabric of the 5000 year history of Chinese culture.


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London, 2578, Davenport House, 207 Regent St.

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