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40 x 40 x 4 cm
15.75 x 16 x 1.57 in


1200,00 €

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Medium: round low relief on painted carved wood, generating a bright aura visible with both solar and artificial light.

About the Artist

1970 , Italy

In his laboratory based in Milan, the artist is focused on an aesthetic study enjoying the progressive experimentation. In sculptures he combines materials like metals, terracottas and plexiglass with electronics that, merging together, can evoke simultaneously the energy of primary forces and the fascination of contemporary technology. In paintings he uses photosensitive elements and uses electro-scultures, designed and manufactured by himself, to change the perceptive connections: thanks to variable light frequencies, the same paintings appears in different ways and are able to evoke a wide range of emotions; because of the reversal of white and black colors, the exhibition area offers a new perception of space and rhythms. After few minutes, the psychic dimension is involved in the time dilatation and in the chromatic transformations of the shapes, that becomes evanescent in the darkness.

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About the Gallery


Milan, Via Vigevano 35

Area35ArtGallery opened in 2010 in Milan, immediately promoting and hosting cultural and artistic events like “Super Uccio arriva a Milano” (2011) at its 8th edition in Italy and a retrospective on the work of Andy Warhol, both events patronized by the municipality of the city of Milan. In 2012 Area35 created with Achille Castiglioni Studio Museum and ...

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