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17 x 23 x 6 cm
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  • About the work

Sculptural installation: broken porcelain cup, dimensions variable:

Artist Statement:

"Entropy (from Ancient Greek ἐν en, "inside", and τροπή tropé, "transformation"). “The total energy of the universe is constant and the total entropy is continuously increasing, until a balance is reached”

There are two equivalent definitions of entropy: the thermodynamic definition and the statistical mechanics definition. Historically, the classical thermodynamics definition developed first. In the classical thermodynamics viewpoint, the microscopic details of a system are not considered. Instead, the behavior of a system is described in terms of a set of empirically defined thermodynamic variables, such as temperature, pressure, entropy, and heat capacity. The classical thermodynamics description assumes a state of equilibrium although more recent attempts have been made to develop useful definitions of entropy in nonequilibrium systems as well.

The statistical definition of entropy and other thermodynamic properties were developed later. In this viewpoint, thermodynamic properties are defined in terms of the statistics of the motions of the microscopic constituents of a system.

There are three different position for the work to be placed and seen. 

The user / viewer / owner of the piece will be free to choose one of the three available and suggested options on how to place the work in their collection, constantly change it the “shape” and position of its elements of the small installation or keep it as it is once for all. 

It’s an open work which involves the will and or the mood of the end-users on how they want to see, arrange the work. Any day it can be a different piece. In constant change and evolution as the title and its explanation suggests."

About the Artist

1985 Genoa, Italy

Nicolò Baraggioli is an abstract artist, born in 1985 in Genoa, Italy. Moved to the U.K. in 2013, he lives and works in London. 

"My work is characterized by its aspiration  towards emotional detachment, towards antisubjectivity and coldness, proposing a peculiar emphasis on the object and its physicality.
The artistic product is identified with its structure, with elements such as surfaces, materials, shapes, thickness, angles, chromaticism: the result is object.
What I try to achieve is a result of non-expressive art, which is imposed through optical-perceptual messages originating from the dialogue between forms, light and space. The physical object becomes a preponderant element of the work of art: the support, the material, the color, take the place of representation.
My work is based almost exclusively on the use of solid and essential geometric shapes, on modules that can be repeated and combined in almost infinite realization solutions, often small and medium-sized structures that enhance the estranging effect between reality in which the work is placed and the work itself. However, there are some works that instead seek the opposite effect, namely: the most sculptural installations, on the other hand, tend to occupy the surrounding environment more and more clearly, dialoguing and involving the exhibition space, which becomes an active component of my artistic work.
All the works are characterized by their accentuated executive rigor, are composed with a few geometrically defined elements, adopting an essential lexicon, are presented as a variation of primary elements, pure, simple forms, with a chromatism that often coincides with that of the materials.
In Zen thought it is said: "if something bores you after two minutes, try it for four. If you still get bored, try for eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and then again. You could probably find out that it's not boring but interesting. "
Repetition is also a key aspect of the aesthetics of the production of my work."

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