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Single piece


60 x 60 cm
24 x 23.62 in







1997 Milan, Italy

Born in 1997 in Milan, Italy, he completed his studies at the Milan ACME Academy of Fine Arts as an illustrator. He began his career in the visual arts at the Istituto Comprensivo Statale Jacopo Barozzi in 2011, realizing with its collaboration, the graphic layout of "Polis 3000", a board game intended for Italian schools, promoted by the municipality of Milan. Since 2012 he has been studying pictorial subjects at the “Umberto Boccioni” High School in Milan. At the same time, he deepens graphics and digital painting, which leads him to create artworks for well-known Italian underground bands such as Landscape of Zeroes, Atomic Massacre, Eraser etc. Since 2017 he has been studying photography at the Academy becoming passionate about landscape photography. He also deepens the techniques of 2D digital animation and begins his editorial experience by publishing the illustrated book "Il Piccolo Asso" in 2019. “I follow my impulses and try to satisfy the needs of the various sides of my character. This is why I often change the way I express myself, the tools, materials and style.” His desire is to be able to create artworks that can be a creative starting point for any other person.

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Milan, Via Bramante 13

YAH (Young Art Hunters) was founded in 2019 as an organization to promote emerging art in all its nuances. Young Art Hunters propose itself as an incubator of Italian and international talents, a point of reference for all those who are starting their artistic career and who have not yet found the means to promote themselves. YAH supports all techniques of e...

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