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Red Flowers


Signed Dated Titled


100 x 80 cm
39.37 x 32 in







Technique: acrylic on canvas;

Year: 2017.

, Armenia

"I have developed a very unique style, understanding of myself and of the world around me through combining my professional background of cybernetics with my art. I work, primarily, using acrylic and oil on canvas; creating five to six different paintings simultaneously, switching from one to another while addressing different themes, subjects, and styles within each. I am an avid plein air painter and have great admiration for nature, for portraying the beauty of the flowers and trees in all seasons. My depictions of nature lend themselves more to Expressionism, whereas my abstract work lends more to the provocative, due to my choice in color palette and range of techniques applied. I try to reveal both the ethical and the aesthetic aspects of nature from the standpoint of acknowledging nature as the most important vital force. I emphasize human presence in all of my work and often, in my figurative work, I portray only a single person, which is a subconscious attempt in the exploration of human solitude. I have also always been drawn to cities as a space of concentration and the coexistence of millions of human destinies, often presenting these ideas in my abstract work."

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New York, 530 West 25th Street

Founded in 1984 by an artist, Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists seeking exposure to the New York art market. Agora Gallery connects artists with professionals, art collectors, and other artists to create an ever growing family dedicated to the world of fine art....

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40 x 50 cm

500,00 €



57 x 76 x 0.1 cm

800,00 €