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From the series set of 4



13.97 x 17.78 cm
5.50 x 7 in






Drawings & Works on Paper , Embroidery

kolkata, India

I belong to a middle -class joint family where girls do not have the permission to get higher  education and almost in all these families practicing art is probably next to crime. When I passed the  B.F.A. Admission test, I got a warning that I will not be able to study, still I moved to Kolkata and  joined the course. I think all of us can reflect the time period through the practice. Leaving home  gave me the opportunity to embrace loneliness. Actually, loneliness seems to be the inspiration of my work for all the time. The hostel days, my room, objects, surrounding place and lifestyle of  hostel life, joy, sorrows, home memory, time etc. Those gave me the vibe to practice naturally. I  have heard and seen that others in the hostel could connect with me through these works. I love  working in different mediums. Because of covid I came to my home after a long time, almost four  years. I got a chance to see the familiar surroundings around the home in a new way. I certainly realize that the peace that a person get after working outside all the day and after  returning home, the joy that floats around me is the same. Loneliness can be seen in my work. How  we spend time along at the same point in the way. I see the women next to my house spends her  days alone despite having a lot of people in her house. I also see an old widow, living alone in the  empty house after losing her people. I know nothing can make us their own, but they always make  us their own in different ways. It can also be seen in this way some times. There is a lack of  traditional materials in my home, so I am experimenting with some new materials. I found some old  discarded clothes which I cut, sew, patched and did some work without color. These days I am collecting some tiny weeds form my home surrounding and from my village and working on prints  with them. In addition, these works are being processed together.

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Haryana, 227, South Point Mall

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Il banchiere


30 x 40 cm


S.T. (3)


30 x 40 cm

1100,00 €



11 x 37 x 13 cm