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800 EUR

Je t'aime




50 x 70 cm
19.69 x 28 in








, Italy

"I started my photographic journey as a girl with the Olympus OM1 Manual camera, then shooting in film and then working my photos in the dark room, black and white. With the advent of digital photography I use the Canon 5D mark II camera. Street photographer, portrait, studio photo, still-life, while in the last year I have dedicated myself to a very particular technique: Light-Painting or painting with light, a technique that associated with imagination and compositional creativity can lead to the creation of photos with surprising and very personal results. Each shot is unique and unrepeatable and is the result of the fusion of movements with different lights (batteries) and the vision in the shooting phase. The combination of colors and shapes are essential to make the final image harmonious (compositional choice). It is a path that I have undertaken and it is very fun, creative and I assure you that when I open the file sometimes I am surprised too."



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Treviso, Via Campania 5

CONTEXT ART GALLERY is an international art gallery specialized in contemporary art. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of established and mid-career contemporary artists, with a special focus on abstract, non-figurative art, photography and sculpture. In a time when fast communication and media have a direct impact upon our lives, the gallery conce...

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