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890 EUR
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Friendship Green rusty





24 x 32 x 10 cm
9.45 x 13 x 3.94 in







The sculpture is made of a layer of bronze on cold smelting of copper with the base of graphite or marble dust.

Finish: Green rusty bronze

Sculpture Friendship in green rusty bronze

Clear reference to the friendship and solidarity takes us deeper into the meaning of this sculpture. Original by artist Miguel Guía. The expressive strength of the union of the hands transmits us union and equilibrium. In this work the sculptor also uses a disturbing realism again playing with the silhouettes and the breakages, obtaining a magical result. The sentiment is gaining strength with the breakages which evoke the world of sensations.

Limited edition of 150 works

1960 Madrid, Spain

Discover the story of a boy who grew up in the family sculpture workshop in Madrid, and evolved his talent to become a Bestseller of digital Marketplaces that bring together the best international art galleries with a unique artistic idea, challenging and constantly revalued.

Miguel Guía was born in Madrid on October 29, 1960.

He grew up surrounded by artists and artisans with a lot of craft in his father's foundry and artistic reproductions workshop, absorbing multiple knowledge of the trade, discovering different artistic languages and in turn, helping his family to thrive in this complex world of art sales.

Immersed in a family environment in which Miguel models, paints, designs and where everything comes together to develop in him a creative spirit and a special sensitivity for beauty in all its forms of expression.

We can appreciate in Miguel Guía different stages in his always integrating evolution, in which continuity is not lost nor are previous achievements discarded, but remain and continue to bear fruit in parallel with the development of new forms of expression, until reaching and consolidating his own recognizable style, which he calls "ArtEssence".

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Madrid, Esteban Collantes, 52

At the end of the last century, a group of artists, entrepreneurs, and experts from all over world realized the great potential of the new Spanish art that was being developed. It is a type of art that tries to break with previous structures and as had happened in other times with renowned artists, they knew that their successful story would be repeated as r...

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