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2840.6400909005 EUR

Street of Shadows




45.72 x 27.94 x 12.7 cm
18.00 x 11 x 5.00 in







Oil on 5 acrylic panels

, United States

Change comes to all of us. Whether wanting or not, planned or spontaneous, willingly or forced. And the moments that follow are often the most terrifying, exhilarating, painful, beautiful and magnificently enlightening times in our lives. Sometimes there is no control over our fall – we land where we land. Sometimes we have a choice in the path we take. Sometimes we are led. And other times we’re on a white-knuckle ride that’s alternating between exhilaration and fear. But in every one of these situations there is a moment of pure vulnerability as we wait for the unknown to be revealed. Multifaceted and layered with countless possibilities, Jader explored a new painting process to capture these moments. Beginning with a photo shoot, multiple images are selected, several paintings are completed on different acrylic panels or mylar and they are stacked in front of one another. The result is 3-dimensional, ever-changing paintings. Jader earned her MFA from the Academy of Art in San Francisco after 20 years in the corporate world and 10+ years owning her own marketing consulting business, helping Fortune 500 companies launch new products. In early 2021 with the pressure of COVID in San Francisco mounting, she set out and started to travel across the U.S., finding more space, connecting and collaborating with other artists, and creating along the way. Her paintings are collected by art collectors internationally and her work has been widely published, including Beautiful Bizarre magazine, Juxtapose, American Art Collector, and Fine Art Connoisseur.

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Double Dare

Paintings 116.84 x 81.28cm

8048,48 €

Interlude 2

Paintings 55.88 x 91.44cm

4260,96 €

Phantasmagorical 1

Paintings 38.1 x 50.8cm

1893,76 €

Phantasmagorical 4

Paintings 50.8 x 38.1cm

1893,76 €


Denver, CO, 1261 Delaware Suite 2

Abend Gallery was established in 1990 and offers an extensive collection of fine art from fresh, contemporary works to traditional, representational painting by local, national, and internationally recognized artists. We are located in the Golden Triangle Museum District, two blocks West of the Denver Art Museum. This space is shared with Gallery 1261....

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