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15.2 x 15.2 x 6.1 cm
5.98 x 6 x 2.40 in


1760,00 €

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Medium: mixed media and mixed technique. "I buy scraps of left over Lucite and bulletproof plexiglass from local businesses that supply this material to banks, political events, and various other people that may have a need for this product. The compositions of the work are often determined by the size, shape and width of the available fragments. These components are then cut on various saws and occasionally routered by hand or by CNC machine. I sand and burnish the individual shapes and pieces for different levels of clarity, depending on what I want for the work. I cut and burnish over and again until the pieces fit together with the desired look. I do the same with the maple plywood. The wood is often used simultaneously as a support to hold the work together as well as an area for opacity. A place that I want the light and the color to bounce back, rather than to see into. Both the Lucite and the wood are painted with acrylics, pigments, gouaches, watercolors, vinyl paints and binders. The painting process is always in flux. I use rollers, brayers, sprays, sponges, brushes, puddles of pigment, evaporation, sunshine, heat guns and leveling tables. Whatever I feel is necessary to achieve the result that I am looking for. I repaint and layer these transparent washes of color multiple times until I have the desired combination of light embedded in the hue. The work is then adhered with resin and clamped tightly. After a bit, the work is then cut again, sanded, burnished and often painted again with more washes of color and varnish." Michelle Benoit

About the Artist

, United States

Michelle Benoit’s work often combines transparent and opaque materials. Cut, burnished, painted, stacked, mortared and coalesced. Time and again appeal, experimentation and intent are embedded, revealing process and structure as image. Color combinations are symbolic of the past. People, thought, events and the memory of place are all assigned a col...

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Milan, Via Aurelio Saffi 9, Milan

Since ten years, Morotti Contemporary Art focused on the investigation of the art fields by promoting an intense exhibition activity, in both of its venues: Milan and Varese. Morotti Arte Contemporanea keeps an eye at the visual arts landscape. In the 18th century villa of Varese and in the space of Via Aurelio Saffi in Milan, there are both personal and ...

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