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90 x 60 cm
35.43 x 24 in

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Digital print. The Prognostic project is a series of objects whose meaning depends on the space where they are found. Such space was provided by the Italian volcanic cones, which served as a background on the photographs of simple, abstract sculptures. Appropriately cropped, the objects demonstrate the moment of the volcanic eruption predicting an event that will take place in the near or more distant future. These artworks served as an excuse for setting out on a trip, rather than suggesting the destination. They were the most important equipment, and were impacted by the hardships of the journey, just as the owner who carried them was. The project looks at the impact of the forces of nature on human activity, and vice-versa: human interference in nature. It examines the subject of a natural disaster as a spectacular phenomenon, in the face of which, for all the support that technology gives us, we are powerless. It depicts the disaster from another point of view, quite ironically, as a sort of an “on demand” phenomenon. It points at the fact that natural disasters are used by and desired in the popular culture, where new apocalyptic visions satisfy the human need for fear and dread connected with the nature.

About the Artist

1981 , Poland

Born 1981, Poland. Lives and works in Katowice. "I focus on the codependence of human actions and nature, space modifications, and examining the properties of the matter. In my journeys I seek inaccessible places which may become the background for my land-art. I create sculptures, installations and photographs. I appropriate situations of high artistic value for my own purposes. My artworks are founded on in-depth observation, detailed examination of hardly noticeable processes, and awareness of the performed gesture." M. Smandek

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Poznan, Wodna 13/4

Rodríguez Gallery Foundation is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2015 in Poznań, Poland. The gallery works with both emerging and mid-­‐career artists. Its main goal is to present and promote the most interesting phenomena in Polish contemporary art. At the same time, the gallery is developing an international program. By showing artists from diff...

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