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BLX 300, 2020


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89 x 116 x 4 cm
35.04 x 46 x 1.57 in








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Acrylic on canvas.

About the Artists

1968 Gironde, France

Mégui Sanchez was born in 1968 in Gironde (France), she is living and working in Nîmes (France).

As a painter, as well as a dental ceramist, she dedicates herself to her artistic practice with intimate introspection and a huge freedom.

After graduating in Fine Arts in Pau and Nîmes, she shows her work during several years in galleries and professionnal fairs like Arténim (Nîmes, France) or Linéart in Belgium. She also participates to an artistic residency in Porto (Portugal) called « Europeans Creators ARCA d'ARTE ».  

« To me, Mégui Sanchez is the writing of the depths of time. A new language, but eternal at the same time, the language of the desperate man, endlessly looking for something, permanently exploding , then rebuilding himself. That strong and pulsating painting, educated from the ancient worlds, carries me -as a painter myself- with a strong emotional power... This painting calls and ressources me. It helps me to go on. Mégui's work is a flow of bold and baroque wealth, the happy madness of a new writing. Going through the gorgeous and the spontaneous, Mégui Sanchez's painting truly belongs to the world of contemporary art... and much beyond, she also belongs to the history of art, like the stone belongs to the house. » 


02 02 2020, explosive date for an image feedback

« A few more words, some marks of time, temporary... escaping away, like the brush vibrating and pulsating on the canvas or the sheet of paper, in a passing gesture... to bring the artwork into eternity.

There is nothing here but the impulse of the moment, nothing but eternity, that only the governed and heart-listening hand can create. Only the words : gestation, love creation. Here the artist listens to her soul's flow et revives endlessly, full, pulsating and completed images, built from the bottom of her heart, with the aim of, coming from the centre, going back to this center, but in the heart of the one who is looking. It is an inhabited language, popping out of the night, with a strong gesture that fulfills the space with unexplanables generosities, which open the heart and improve the brain, giving it an intelligence made of love and energy. Creation is goodness, benevolence and simplicity. As you would approach the TAO, you have to approach Mégui Sanchez's paintings shores with the eyes of the little child. You must surrender on this new shore, with the spontaneous and amazed gaze of the child, unprejudiced, in order to reach the very essence of it, and realize that it is her heart that guides her hand. Mégui's hand is talking to me beyond words. »

Daniel Ollivier


During her introspective research, Mégui keeps carrying us into abstract painting. She reveals the existence of both unvisibles et unknown realities, which each artists defines in his or her own way, according to his or her believes, background and culture.

Mégui Sanchez's pictural compositions faces us to a double writing : the writing of the abstract gesture and the writing of the guided gesture, like for an ideogram. This lyric and calligraphical kind of painting is a way for her to look for a balance and tend today towards a new process in order to bring light to the fore.

While growing in maturity, Mégui takes responsibility day after day to face every artist's challenge : the search of light. 

Light, being essential on earth, is a way for the artist to try and preserve life. The pictural projections are the materialization of a quest : the quest of a woman allowing everybody to reveal its existence as a being of light.

Her colour palette, her gesture, deliver then a flash of interior life, preexisting the artwork, transmuting it into essential and visible pieces.

While she opens up to us, she also communicates us a part of this mystery that will always escape us.

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