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Coup d'Oeil 22


Single piece Titled Framed


122 x 244 x 7 cm
48.03 x 96 x 2.76 in




Paintings , Textile



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Steel, Plastic, Polystyreen, polyurethane, oil paint, cloth, plaster, charcoal, robe, wood, concrete

1992 , Belgium

Maxime Brigou's work focuses on the subjective perception of random instants and their materialisation into large-scale works. Due to their grand dimensions they establish an evocative, suggestive and corporal relationship with the viewer. Brigou’s two-dimensional works and sculptures both express a personal process and reflection that relates to time and space. As a result, Brigou’s work is abstract in form; it is fluid, dynamic and unidentifiable. These characteristics suggest impermanence and instability, so that there is no finished version but instead a realism of disorganised knowledge.

‘A huge collection of stored impressions and fragments of memories form visual clusters that emerge every time I am creating a new work. Because I have developed this way of looking and analysing, it sometimes takes me a long time to process everything and come back to myself. I need a lot of time alone to wade through my 'visual' impressions. The result of this process is that new works are made up of glimpses of things I once saw or tried to remember. The remnants of these images are probably affected by the passage of time or other memories, so they become completely new compositions that have little to do with what I originally experienced.’

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Ciudad de México, Calle Francisco Pimentel 3, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc

Galería Hilario Galguera is a contemporary art gallery located in Mexico City. The gallery was founded in 2006 for the discussion of Mexican and international art. The opening exhibition was Damien Hirst’s first solo show in Latin America, titled ‘The Death of God’. Since then, the gallery have exhibited works by Daniel Buren, Jannis Kounellis and Bos...

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Gas Station


40.64 x 40.64 cm

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