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Ritorno al mondo reale (Folgorite) n. 8 Discover the best available selection of drawings and works on paper by the artist Mauro Panichella. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
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Ritorno al mondo reale (Folgorite) n. 8


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series Ritorno al mondo reale

1500,00 €


25 x 100 cm
9.84 x 39 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

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ink and fulgurite on paper 100x25 cm.


When lightning beats the sand, the silicon, that is inside it, becomes like glass. The electrical charge and the high temperature form in this way a tubular mineral very fragile which remains hidden under the sand. It is the only physical sign of the serpentine shape of the lightning.

This mineral is called “fulgurite”. The lightning is attracted by the earth mass and in less than a second it releases an enormous amount of power on it. Because of the speed difference between light and sound, thunder reaches us later than flash. The time lag between thunder and lightning is a manifestation that time is relative. It means that present, past and future exist like entropic state variables and not as absolute values. Thunders and lightning occur simultaneously but reach our perception at two different times.

The Latin word “temporalem” invokes in our mind the lightning, it can be translated as: “connected to the time”. In Italian there is an ambiguity regarding the word “time” in fact it is used to talk about meteorology (in English the two words “time” and “weather” have two different meanings).

Mankind sees time as absolute and he has tried to measure it for centuries. Quartz watches use the electric potential difference generated by the compression of a quartz crystal. The hourglass and the pendulum are both ancient instruments of time measurement, they work thanks to gravity and the relationship with the land mass. However, each time measuring is in vain, because it is hard to represent what time really is. The same can be said about space. Sand is rich in silicon, which is the main semiconductor in electronic industry.

There is silicon in smartphone, in personal computer, in every electronic device, but also in the Earth crust and in every human being. The liquid crystals are organic compounds formed by the cholesteryl benzoate.

When there is a change of temperature the liquid crystals, because of their changing nature, change from crystalline to liquid and vice versa. Their birefringence

changes the colour. The liquid crystals, thanks to this property, are used to generate images in displays and monitors. The breaking of a screen is the witness of randomness entropy state, as well as fulgurite fragments are of the lightning.

Each visual signal interference takes us back to the “real world” and, as happens to Duchamp’s large glass, the randomness of the break gives shape to an impalpable constant presence, that is the unexpected.

Mauro Panichella

Mauro Panichella "Ritorno al mondo reale", ed. Gian Marco Casini Gallery, Livorno 2017

1985 Genova, Italy

Mauro Panichella was born in Genova in 1985. He lives and works between Genova and Albissola.

The work of Mauro Panichella is a continuous search for dialogue between the real world and the virtual one and manifests Itself with a strong relationship between nature and technology.
His subjects are animals anatomicals forms, molluscs, crustaceans, insects, bones, fossils, shells that he finds and keeps to implement a process of storage and documentation using a scanner as a camera.
The spirit of this search is a great evolving project, which involves each and every natural situation, as in a stream, which is pushing up on the symbolic interpretation through video-installations, lights and electro-mechanical.


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Livorno, Via Montebello 5

Founded in March 2017 in Via F. Crispi 52 in Livorno, from September 2018 the Gian Marco Casini Gallery moved to the new space in Via Montebello 5. The exhibition program of the gallery focuses on historical artistic movements such as Fluxus, Visual and Concrete Poetry and italian aniconic painting of the ‘70s. In addition to this, the gallery promotes new...

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