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Dated Titled


10 x 35 cm
3.94 x 14 in







Polychrome terracotta.

1969 Freiburg, Germany

Martin Emschermann was born in 1969 in Freiburg, Germany. In 1990 he moved to Italy, first to Perugia to study at the University for Foreigners and then to Carrara where he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Sculpture section. In the following years he starts to make his first personal and collective exhibitions. In Pontremoli, Carrara, Portoferraio, Bocca di Magra. In this period he works on the theme of horse and rider in different materials such as terracotta, bronze and stone.
In 1995 he participates in the First International Symposium of Elba.

He begins to work on graffiti in the cities, on children's drawings, with psychiatric patients and other existences on the margins of society. On these themes take place high exhibitions in Italy and Germany: in Pietrasanta, Milan, Frankfurt.

Continuing his journey south, he finished the work The Trojan Horse for a playground in Grosseto and participated in the XXVI Biennale di Alatri. In 1997 he moved to Palermo where he now lives and works on themes that are in close relationship with the new environment.
He participates to the International Symposior of Senday, in Japan.

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Catania, Via San Michele 28

Not only a gallery but also a creative space that pulsates with the beating heart of Catania city and the young artistic milieu of Contemporary Art. The gallery opened in 2014 in Via San Michele thanks to the initiative of Art historian Aurelia Nicolosi, and it welcomes new generations of national as well international top-notch artists. Thanks to the pric...

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Red Landscape


71 x 71 x 4 cm

2100,00 €