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Immaculate n.18



130 x 100 cm
51.18 x 39 in







Mixed media

1974 Barcelona, Spain

Anything that has to do with image is part of Marta Fàbregas’ DNA. She has always felt passionate about the visual language, and that’s why she chose to devote herself to photography, her passion, which allows her to combine both her artistic and entrepreneurial sides.

Her main talent is knowing how to capture, in a fast and natural way, the beauty in the things that surround her. That’s where the power of her work comes from. She can give brightness and sparkle to everything that passes through her lenses. Undoubtedly, empathy, implication and creativity are what gives every project in which she engages a power and a character that makes it special and unique.

She was born in Barcelona on April 12th, 1974, and studied Photography at IEFC (Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya).

She worked in several photo studios in Barcelona and, in 1998, cofounded Estudi La Fotogràfica  with the also photographer Marc Vidal.

From then on, she has been mainly devoted to her studio, where she developed personal and artistic work, along with commissions from museums, businesses, and private clients. Her work is part of the private collection of the Lluis Bassat Foundation. She was part of the directive team of the photography festival “Luminic”, which took place in Sant Cugat during the spring of 2019. She is part of the directive team of the congress “Líder imperfecto” (imperfect leader) as “Expert in Art and Enterprise”. She also teaches several workshops in favor of women with the foundation SETBA and is currently the Vice-president of a women’s entrepreneurs’ network, Xarxa de Dones Emprenedores of Sant Cugat (XDESC), in the city where she lives.

​As well as that, she has worked in several Other Projects.

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Barcelona, Carrer de Trafalgar, 70

In January 2016, the Pigment Gallery gallery was born in Barcelona. Pigment is the matter that gives paint its color. Its etymological origin comes from the Latin word pigmentum, which is composed of the verb “pingere” (to paint) and the suffix “-mento” (result). This simple term turned out to be suitable for naming the gallery, since the word evoke...

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Meeting at Centerport


137 x 152 cm

7575,04 €

Awareness in the exercise of thought


50 x 64 x 3 cm