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Isolation is a State of Mind - The Bridge of Dreams


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



152 x 152 x 4 cm
59.84 x 60 x 1.57 in







This canvas is sold unstretched and rolled.'Isolation is a State of Mind' - were made in collaboration by 2 TAPG artists - Marisa R Ng & Nicholas Choong. The paintings were created just before the 1st phase of the Movement Control Order was issued in Malaysia. It is the culmination of their shared experiences in the abstract expressionist style of painting and a way to exit their comfort zones and to experiment with large swathes of colours, textures & tonalities. It was a merging of not only faith and the two disparate styles of work that they are known for - But a glimpse of shared moments in time and energies.'The Bridge of Dreams' was made to reflect the times we live in now. In it, you'll see themes of precariousness, struggle, darkness & perhaps some ambiguity about the future - Reflections of recent influenza arising from COVID-19. Black as a colour is achieved by combining ALL known colours. 'The Bridge of Dreams' speaks volumes to the viewer in a guttural way, reaching deep down inside and enveloping the viewer in its brutality in the brushstrokes, mark-making and in its heavy, accented textures. This piece can be enjoyed side by side with "Strive".


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, Malaysia

Marisa R. Ng studied art at the National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage (ASWARA) in Kuala Lumpur. After a short course on figure drawings, she continued her training in fine arts under renowned Malaysian abstract artists, Suzlee Ibrahim and Ismadi Sallehudin. Marisa also studied Accountancy and did very well in it. But she always felt that art is where her heart truly is.

A breakthrough came in the form of a life-changing return to a small island off the northeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia called Pulau Kapas. It was then that Marisa finally realized her true calling as an artist. “I found myself starting to paint and a world of wonders completely unfolded itself to me. I had found my playground, and in it, myself.”

Before her venture into abstract arts, Marisa had done over 1,800 figurative sketches. In her artist statement, she says, “I was trained in figures because my gurus said that only if you can master the figure, then you will truly master the elements and principles of design in creating art. Figurative art takes skill, practice, and extreme attention to detail.”

Marisa's style of painting has since evolved towards abstract expressionist as it emphasizes the spontaneous, automatic, or subconscious creation. To Marisa, abstract art is the purest form as it comes from one’s soul or state of mind. In the creation of her artwork, Marisa says, "powerful art is when a person who is not trained or learned in the arts can view it and go 'wow'. They can see something, understand it, and 'get it' right away." Her goal is to create artworks that are meaningful to her audience.

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Kuala Lumpur,

The Art People Gallery (TAPG) is a homegrown art space established in 2015. With its flagship situated in Klang, Malaysia, this art gallery is a celebration of creativity, openness, talent and generosity. Committed to innovation, TAPG highlights a diverse range of modern and contemporary art and represents both prominent living and promising budding artists ...

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