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Libro Bianco Discover the best available selection of embroideries by the artist Mario Costantini. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
1800 EUR

Libro Bianco


Dated Titled

1800,00 €


21 x 15 x 5 cm
8.27 x 6 x 1.97 in






Sculpture , Embroidery

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2010 circa.

Iron wrapped in cotton threads and reassembling silk threads.

1946 Penne, Italy

Sculptor and painter who has always experimented with "fiber art", he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. His teachers were Mario Mafai, Marcello Avenali and Bianchi Barriviera. He is actively interested in the historical and artistic events of his city and its territory, creating public monuments in various cities of Abruzzo and Italy, but also art editions and publications. His curriculum and his national and international expositive experiences are remarkable and make him one of the references of the artistic sculptural culture of the central Adriatic area. He has been collaborating for years in the only Italian tapestry workshop still active in the oasis of Penne where, in addition to making his own tapestries, he works side by side with other artists in low loom operations.

In 1967 he won the "Fedele Brindisi" award. Since 1974 he has undertaken a research on fabrics (deco-constructivism) and on the popular ceramics of his own land participating in the X Quadrennial Art Exhibition of Rome, in three prizes "Michetti" (XXIX, XXXII and XXXVI), in three prizes "Avezzano" (XXII, XXXIII and XXV), in several Biennales "Città di Penne", in the prize "Suzzara" and in other collective exhibitions. He has held personal exhibitions in Milan, Pescara, Perpignan, L'Aquila, Crajova, Rome etc.. Recently his research has focused on the analysis of his paintings in sculptural forms. He has won numerous awards including XII Edition National Competition Bige Bugatti, First National Biennial of Sacred Art (Fermo), Third Millennium Prize Terra moretti. He realized monumental sculptures in Erbusco (Brescia), Montesilvano(Pe). Abruzzo Region (L'Aquila), Pineto (Te), Carpineto (Pe), Penne (Pe). For the Literary Award Città Penne he realized the portraits of: José Saramago, Mario Luzi, Solgenizin, Umberto Eco, Gunter Grass, Claudio Magris, Imre Kertecs, Vincenzo Consolo, Toni Morrison, Alberto Bevilacqua, David Grossman. 


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Milano, Piazzale Tripoli, 9

FiberArtAnd is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2008 in Milan by Gabriella Anedi with the aim of promoting the knowledge and dissemination of fiber art and artists who work, exclusively or predominantly, with flexible materials, natural and artificial fibers. The traditional activity of the gallery is flanked by the collaboration with public and privat...

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