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Painting the Stage Kentridge



From the series Painting the Stage



40 x 40 x 15 cm
15.75 x 16 x 5.91 in






Prints , Sculpture , Multiples

Four fine editions, set in a sculpture signed by Mario Botta and embellished with numbered and authenticated aquatints and lithographs by three incredible artists: William Kentridge, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov and Jan Fabre.

With a history of twentieth-century opera - from a completely original and interdisciplinary point of view - Denise Poray-Wendel in the volume "Pianting the stage" describes the complex and very rich world of contemporary art related to opera installations. More than 250 images, interviews with the most important names in the history of stage design, and an accurate historical reconstruction make up the most complete work ever done on the subject. The volume is accompanied by the works of incredible artists.
This Skira Limited is in itself a work of contemporary art: enclosed in a wooden sculpture designed and signed by the architect Mario Botta, covered with a special purple fabric, the book is accompanied by a numbered and signed lithograph printed in a very limited number of copies.
The four versions are distinguished by the wood of the sculpture and, above all, by the lithograph that accompanies the book: the two aquatints by William Kentridge are contained in an ash wood sculpture, the lithograph by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov from an American walnut wood, and the one by Jan Fabre from an oak one.
Mario Botta designed and signed the sculpture, which was produced by Riva1920. Each lithograph, linked to a work covered in Painting the Stage, was numbered and signed by the artists themselves.
Painting the Stage KENTRIDGE
30 FRASSINO boxes containing numbered lithographs from 1 to 30 of KENTRIDGE ALBAN version and LULU version.
One of the greatest artists and typographers of our time, William Kentridge, has chosen to create two portraits expressly for Painting the Stage. These splendid portraits, inspired by Alban Berg's opera Lulu, performed in Amsterdam in 2015, encapsulate, in their blacks and the geometric voids that make up the figure, all the richness of Kentridge's work: poignant, material and moved. The print run is of only 30 copies.
Sculpture Botta FRASSINO 40 x 40 x 15 cm - Aquatint 29 x 34 cm

, United States


Milan, Via Torino, 61

The new Limited Editions by Skira are divided into two series: the Collector Editions, which will include an original numbered edition signed by the artist and the Fac-Simile Editions, which will offer, in perfect, philological reproduction, some cornerstones of Art publishing of all time. In both cases, the editions are limited and numbered, elegant and uni...

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